Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goodbye Salt Lake!

...according to my darling husband, I'll see ya next year!!! *squeal*

Day 4 Closing Session

My Challenge Chaser Chicas and I waiting for closing session to begin. Have I told ya that I luv these ladies? I do. They are pure fantasticness!
Hmmm..I wonder why a UPS guy came on stage with Shelli?
FREE STAMP SET from UPS!!!! AGH!! Insert mad craziness HERE! Women jumping up and down, hysteria, weeping, peeing of pants...Oprah moment, people!

Confetti down our shirts, pants, bags, shoes. SU! rocks!!! :)

Meeting Shelli

I got to meet Shelli Gardner! Wahoo! :) Here's a video of standing in line, and a pic.

Here's me and Shelli!

By the way, did you know that Shelli is starting her own blog tomorrow?? Yup! August 4th, visit:
To quote Shelli herself "it will be soooo Shelli". LOL And who wouldn't love THAT?!?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 3 General Session

Way early morning today (5:30) getting to convention in time to get in line "first" so that we can hear Shelli's BIG announcment. :)

Shelli talking to us and teasing us to see if we really want to know what the big suprise is.

Sizzix Big Shot! I know...I died. Imagine all 6500+ of us screaming, jumping and the lady behind me in tears. Are we a sick bunch or whaaaat?

Decor Elements Phase 2 Sneaky Peek

2 step wall decor from Ginormous Flowers!!

Baby shower gift made with Nursing Necessities DE!

Halloween candy jar DE

Christmas advent calendar made with new DE

Fall frame made with new Thanksgivingish DE

Day 2 General Session

Lines to get in- this was 2 hrs befor it even opened!!

Main StageStacy (MiserMom), my fav LU! Dimo! (inside scs su demo joke)

Hanging out with my SCS Challenge Chaser girls.

Shelli Gardner

I won a prize! Stamp set, designer paper and scallop edge punch! Yeah Baby!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woooah! Messy Bed!!

New catty cover- delish! Look at that scallop edge!
I have to rave about something- the layout of the catty is soo clean and refreshing. Fantastically designed!

One Happy Stamper!! :)