Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woooah! Messy Bed!!

New catty cover- delish! Look at that scallop edge!
I have to rave about something- the layout of the catty is soo clean and refreshing. Fantastically designed!

One Happy Stamper!! :)

Picture Pictures Pictures! (Convention 1st day)

Warning: the following pictures are raw and unedited. :) I just have no time today to edit all of them and want to see them NOW right? Goodmorning Salt Lake City!! (Walking to convention center at 5:45 am)

Crazy Momento Mall line (getting there early paid off. I was one of the first 25 let in)

Kristina Werner checked me out of Momento Mall (I know...everyone together now: SHUT UP!)

Jaron gave me my convention bag! (I KNOW...SHUT UP!)

Momento Mall Designer Series Project Tote.

Convention Bag. Whaaaat? A girl's got to have her bags! :)