Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meeting Shelli

I got to meet Shelli Gardner! Wahoo! :) Here's a video of standing in line, and a pic.

Here's me and Shelli!

By the way, did you know that Shelli is starting her own blog tomorrow?? Yup! August 4th, visit:
To quote Shelli herself "it will be soooo Shelli". LOL And who wouldn't love THAT?!?


imastampin said...

Oh Bev, you are soooooo cute! I am so thrilled I got to meet YOU! I so appreciate how considerate and kind you are! What a lovely lady. Big, big hugs!


Brooke S said...

You make me laugh!!!{giggle) I can't believe how many lines you waited in.. Did you get any swapping done.. I love the picture of you and shelli. Next time maybe we can go to her favorite store..Dear Lizzy for lunch..

Hug and Happy Stampin'